What is OPTamos?

The sustainable management of resources and development interventions is a complex goal with many competing interests and stakeholders involved. Multi-Criteria Evaluation methods and tools can help to integrate stakeholder expertise and scientific knowledge.

OPTamos (Options for Participatory Transformation and Sustainability Management) is a Multi-Criteria Evaluation tool, which aims to assist in decision making processes and to promote stakeholder participation and engagement. OPTamos was developed by the Vienna Institute of Social Ecology* (Alpen-Adria University - Klagenfurt) within the European FP7 project ROBIN (Role of Biodiversity in Climate Change Mitigation).

Sustainability managers, development practitioners, decision makers, consultants, and researchers working at local and regional level may benefit from its use, since results from OPTamos can be used to enable discussion, promote participation, and enhance the acceptance of measures.



*Team of researchers: Simron J. Singh; Barbara Smetschka; Nelson Grima; Lisa Ringhofer